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About US


We Are a Dynamic Team of Professional People of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing changes, evolves at a moment’s the notice. Today’s trending development becomes yesterday’s technology. At Dmedia Marketing, we understand this fact and have created a digital marketing agency where clients are offered the best digital marketing solutions and the most cost-effective prices. We offer services and solutions regarding Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing/Optimization, Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click, and Online Reputation Management. Dmedia Marketing has a strong portfolio in Website Design & Development, Website Applications, Mobile Applications and Website. Therefore, trust only Dmedia Marketing for the latest, technologically advanced, digital marketing, website design & developments, applications and hosting solutions. To know more, check out ‘Our Services’ section.

We also have a digital marketing training institute in Pune, where students are taught the updated curriculum in-tune with international standards of digital marketing. We offer courses in SEO, PPC/SEM, SMO/SMM, Display Marketing, Brand Management, Website/Landing Page Design Strategies and Web Analytics. Therefore, if you are interested in making a career, and getting a stronghold in the future of marketing, enquire today. We have a team of qualified and professional trainers with years of experience, who train students in accordance with certified digital marketing courses in Pune. Our students also receive an opportunity to work with active clients and experience the professional world. Dmedia also provides digital marketing services and solutions to budding and established entrepreneurs and businesses. Therefore, if you are looking to give your business the digital advantage, get in touch with us today.


To be a reputable and trustworthy name, known to provide the best digital marketing services and solutions, and train the finest digital marketers, in the fast and upcoming digital marketing industry.


To serve our clients with cost-effective and advanced digital marketing and build long-lasting professional relationships with each. And to create and train the next generation of digital marketers, and to teach them to innovate and create solutions through high-level training, and real-time problem solving.