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Our school provides the following facilities for the children


Rank any webpage on Top of search engines. Learn Advance On-Page, Off-Page Optmz. ORM, Google Webmaster Tool.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing, Create You Tube Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, SlideShare. Learn All Social Media Optmz.

Google Adwords (PPC)

Create Advertising Campaigns on Google & increase conversion on Search Network & Display Banner Ads, Video, Apps.

Google Analytics

Analyse, Measure, Improve the performance of Online Campaigns. Create Reports, Calculate ROI.

Affliate Marketing

How to make money online being a part/full time freelancer Affiliate Marketing & Google Adsense.

E-mail Marketing

Create and shoot thousands of emails, reach inbox, generate leads and sales with email marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing your products and services on Mobile apps on Android and IOS devices, Create Campaigns for Mobile Advertising.

Online Reputation M

Online Reputation Management. ORM Basically infulences the reputation of an individual's or business.

Google Webmaster Tools

How to use Google's Webmaster Tools to index your website, check the robots, sitemap..etc.

Infographics Content Marketing

It represents complex
data. Best Marketing Trend for 2015

Media Buying & Selling

Media Buying & Optimization. Programmatic Media Buying & service providers. Media buying campaigns with Steps.

Ecommerce Business Marketing

Anatomy of ecommerce site,Ecommerce platforms, Market Vs Audience, Woocommerce. Ecommerce business profits.

Webinar Marketing

Logistics, Direct interaction, launch feedbacks, webinar tools & services. Webinar Online Tools, advantages and platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategy

How to start Digital Marketing Agency. Where do I get my clients from, places and areas to look for?

Viral Marketing - # Tag

Learn how to find the most powerful & trending hashtags, researching highly-demanded traffic.

List Building Techniques

Design Squeeze pg, Split testing, Broadcast, Campaign..etc.

Creating a BLOG

Learn To Create A Blog - Generate Leads & Subscriptions.

WhatsApp Marketing

Using WhatsApp for your Business mark., Setting up and getting to know your Account.