Significance of Detailed Content for e-Commerce SEO


Few research studies propose detailed content helps search queries with advertising goals.

Significance of detailed content for e-commerce SEO is a complex context to understand. There is a belief among a few of the SEOs and Content Marketers that the detailed content will act as a boon for engaging backlinks (Natural Links) from other websites. These collected websites affect the whole productivity of the online store.

Here is the problem, how we could differentiate that the detailed content contributes not only to a final website’s SEO performance but also to the evolutions and optimizations. We have explained an example that assists the law of detailed content aids extra sales and makes promotional pages ranking better.

Context: Game Plan for SEO and Performance

We have included the following outcomes:

Practical SEO:

  • How to improve the detailed content resulting in more crawlable and indexable for search engines.
  • Better page speed for end-users and search engine crawlers.

Detailed Content:

  • Restructure the detailed content pages and work on the latest pages.
  • Implementing context internal links from the detailed content to list pages.

The live link structures haven’t shown a vital role. The links directing to the website were because of the products of third party trade actions or individuals raised willingly may combine to the website’s information.

For the past two years, this procedure market has beaten with exceptional results. From the time implementing the new SEO master plan, the domain’s appearance has become larger remarkably in Google’s SERPs. This rapid expansion went down because of Medic Update in 2018, however, it’s regained strength later.

It exploded the sales, with this increased visibility through the organic search from INR 239K in 2016 to INR 914k in 2019. For organic search, we trace turnover with the help of Google Analytics and interactions before the sale and past interactions of a user with the domain.

The natural access of backlinks is the major part, in which there is tremendous growth resulted because of detailed content pages. If we consider, there are total of five pages on the website were elevated with more number of links from other domains point to them. In those three were detailed content pages, two are list pages and one is the home page.

With the available data, it’s very difficult to identify, which part of the SEO overall performance of e-commerce site affected by the detailed content pages. The head sales rate is very low, however, there is an acceptable and satisfactory share of the backlinks pointing towards them. Is it a fact that the backlinks turn e-commerce site pages getting a healthier rank and give rise to more sales through an organic search?

Takeaway all the detailed content pages

Later, a serious commitment initiated with great changes for the Company. Without being affected by the performance over the past years, now the store is a sharer of a bigger firm. The firm also owns one of its big competitors in the e-commerce business. To reduce the maintenance costs, whole handling maintenance of the online store handed over to the bigger competitor company.

The authorities of the parent organization prepared to replace the whole store with their own acknowledged structure, keeping the same domain name and logo. They strictly decided to don’t use any of the detailed content that has been erected for a few years. Because of this, the firm that is still maintaining the store took a decision to take out all the content and saved it for the upcoming projects.

URLs being redirected to the home page, they removed around 20 detailed content pages. With no focused goal, they implemented the redirects to transfer to the home page just to avoid the redirects to 404 or 410 status codes, not with an intention of getting good ranking rather it’s just an accidental decision. There were no other changes made in the online store, after removing the detailed content.

Influence on the ranking of Website

A few days after removing the detailed content pages, the URLs of the removed pages still ranking and were redirecting the traffic to the home page. One reason for this might be that the pages were not crawled straight away. That means Google took some time to execute the changes.

Two weeks later, the rankings of all the removed detailed content pages are no more visible and were almost unavailable.

Within three weeks after removing the detailed content pages, the complete visibility of the domain critically crashed. The domain almost lost one-third of the visibility, in spite, there was only 1% of the domain’s visibility occurred by removed detailed content.

For the trade-oriented search queries with large search volumes, the home page and few list pages lost the thread of page 1 rankings.

Because of the removal of detailed content pages, does the visibility of the home page and list pages ranking drops, if yes, what’s the root cause behind it?

Practical Justification for the ranking drop:

The main reason for the home page and list pages ranking drop was linked. As we already know, the detailed content pages have a decent volume of links from the other domains pointing to them. There are also inbuilt links within their content pointing to the home page and list pages, which were the main cause to make a way to backlinks pointing to the detailed content pages to pages that could serve more trade search terms.