Why PHP Training?

Today, there is a great demand for skilled and qualified website designers and developers. Thus, PHP training is the need of the hour and can be highly beneficial for an individual looking for a budding career in the IT industry.

What is PHP?

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is the most popular open source server side scripting language which is used for producing web pages. It was created in 1995 and is one of the first server-side scripting languages embedded in HTML and became very popular because of this. PHP is used in about 20 million websites and by over one million web servers. The popular softwares that use PHP include Word Press, Joomla and Drupal.

It is a fundamental course designed for candidates who want to make their career in the field of Dynamic website designing and development.

PHP Training

Media Marketing offers one of the best and finest PHP training. Our expert and proficient trainers deliver proper training and help the students to achieve a good and successful position in the IT industry and in the programming industry. Media Marketing delivers the finest PHP course material and practical material which will enable the students to learn the concept effectively and thoroughly. Our PHP course is efficient and comprehensive which is duly backed by workshops, tutorials and live projects. After completion of the PHP training, the successful candidates will be present with PHP certifications. They will also be provided with the most profitable job opportunities in the Industry.


Our PHP Training Vision

  • Career Acceleration
  • Helps to differentiate yourself from other competitors when looking for a new job in the relevant field.
  • Helps in boosting up your value during the annual salary review
  • Gaining recognition in your concern
  • Helps to get your CV or resume notice by prospective employers
  • Providing corporate ready talent in the field of web development and thereby reducing their training costs
  • Assisting students who are interested in making a career in PHP by giving them the necessary exposure and practical training through live projects.
  • To evaluate the PHP features and its related products
  • PHP web developer
  • Dealing with web pages that use the PHP language
  • Analysis of the web page design
  • Code testing and website maintenance
  • Monitoring and solving website issues 
  • The candidate should have basic knowledge of C, C++, HTML/DHTML, and JavaScript to learn PHP.
  • The PHP course curriculum that we provide encompasses the following aspects:
  • Coding norms and structure
  • MVC Architecture.
  • E-commerce concepts
  • Content Management systems and readymade scripts
  • End to end software development lifecycle
  • Advanced concepts like Affiliate Management systems, Banner Management Systems, etc.
  • Practical training through exposure to live projects
  • At the end of the PHP Training you will have a thorough knowledge of designing web pages and web applications. It will help you in creating an incredible web application and website. You will have designed your own pages which will be ready to be uploaded for users worldwide to see. As a web developer, you will also be able to generate web pages dynamically and quickly.