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Our school provides the following facilities for the children

Why SMO,SMM Training?

We are providing world class level of training in Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). The entire training module is designed in such a way to optimize the learning of the individuals. Our Company Media Marketing aims at providing comprehensive training by providing practical and full fledge knowledge keeping in mind the latest and recent trends in the market. Our dedicated trainers will help you learn the module from the scratch and turn you into and SMO, SMM specialist and professional. The training will enable you to work with the best SMO, SMM companies and in various job positions.

Career Opportunities of the SMO, SMM Training

After completion of our SMO, SMM training you will successfully emerge as a Certified Social Media Optimization Professional and Social Media Marketing Professional respectively which will enable you to choose from a plethora of top Social Media Marketing jobs that are available in the industry. Some of the roles which you can work include:

Definition of Social media optimization

  • Types of social media
  • Key terms to understand
  • How Social Media influences audience & Google. Developing unique content.
  • Integrating social media into your website and blogs, How to choose right social media for your business/brand.


  • Using YouTube - Video Marketing
  • How to Manage, Promote & Advertise on Youtube YouTubeChannel
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • YouTube Upload
  • YouTubeAnalytics
  • YouTubeEditor
  • YouTubeSEO
  • YouTubeAds
  • Create Successful YouTube Marketing Campaigns
  • YouTube as an affiliate, how to monetize

Marketing on LINKEDIN

  • Advertise on LinkedIn 
  • Using LinkedIn for business
  • Google Plus
  • Introduction to Google Plus
  • Using Google Plus for Businesses


  • LIVE showcase of best techniques.
  • Easy to understand and Professional US voiceover.
  • Increase the sales potential.
  • Skyrocket your business success.
  • Boost your overall marketing efforts.
  • Generate more leads with our proven strategies.


  • Set up your business account on Slideshare
  • Create slide that reflect your business
  • Engage with your audience
  • Promote Slides to share and Download

Marketing on FACEBOOK

  • Using twitter for business /brands
  • FACEBOOK Marketing
  • Creating facebook pages
  • How to promote facebook pages 
  • How to advertise on facebook(ppc)
  • Creating FAN-Page for Business 
  • How to boost post. Setting up Campaigns
  • Targetting the Right Audience
  • In-page Analytics / Analytics

Marketing on TWITTER

  • How to increase your Followers
  • Find and follow others
  • Connecting your mobile
  • BUILD A VOICE: Retweet, reply, react
  • MENTION: Include others in your content
  • GET FANCY: Explore advanced features
  • Successfully marketing Campaigns on Twitter
  • Followers Target, Lucky Hashtag, Retweet To Win
  • Hashtag & Link Tweeting,
  • Promoted Account, and Promoted Tweets


  • Why use Pinterest
  •  Inbound marketing methodology
  •  Pinterest Tools
  •  Pinterest for Business
  •  Set up your business account on Pinterest
  •  Create boards that reflect your business
  •  Engage with your audience
  •  Integrate your website with your Pinterest account
  •  Grow your following and influence on Pinterest
  •  Get more traffic back to your site from Pinterest
  •  Increase your leads and sales using Pinterest